The Sing Space Musical Theatre Choir


Your West End vocal coach-led Adult* Musical Theatre choir. Experience the joy of singing show tunes together in beautiful harmony whilst improving your own voice. No audition needed. All levels welcome.

Led by Jamie Read

*If you are below the age of 18, please contact the choir leader before purchase


Sing songs from the West End and Broadway


Singing tips from a West End vocal coach


National and local Community performances

Frank Hutchings Community Hall
Bradley-Moore Square
RG18 4QH
This venue is Fully Accessible with ample parking outside the venue. For any specific access requirements, please contact the choir leader.

Autumn term 2024
Wednesday 25th September -
Wednesday 11th December
12 Sessions
7:30pm - 9:00pm

John Henry Newman School, Stevenage



Our choirs are came together on 1st July 2023 at Cadogan Hall in Central London for a huge Singalong hosted by West End Star and Olivier Award winner Cassidy Janson !


Gareth Malone has invited us to join his tour at the end of this year, for the second year in a row, as his on stage choir in multiple venues including the Cambridge theatre in the West End!


Sing Space Founder, Rachel Lynes, chatted with Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio London about our amazing choirs.

West End performer and Vocal Coach.
Artistic Director and Head of Singing at READ College in Berkshire Singing tutor at the world-renowned Italia Conti Academy.
Director of The Voice Teacher Ltd

Hi, I’m Jamie Read and I am so excited to be running the Thatcham Musical Theatre Choir!

I have lived in the area for 18 years with my wife, Helen, and for 11 years we ran a theatre school in the town for children whilst I was commuting in and out of London performing in West End shows.

I love sharing the joy of singing with people of all ages and abilities which is why I’m so thrilled to be building this choir and I really look forward to seeing you there!

Over two decades Jamie Read has played leading roles in the West End and internationally including sharing the stage of the National Theatre with Dame Judi Dench. For 14 years he was Artistic Director and Head of Singing at READ College in Berkshire. He is an award-winning entrepreneur in the arts, and is director of The Voice Teacher Ltd - a network of professional vocal coaches based across the UK and Europe. He has two Post Graduate Masters-level qualifications in vocal pedagogy, and has worked with hundreds and hundreds of singers of all levels across the years.

"I can’t think of a better opportunity than Sing Space Musical Theatre Choir to join."

West End Leading lady (Wicked, Les Mis, We Will Rock You)

"Sing Space is the real thing and you can get involved with it.”

West End Leading lady (Come From Away, Wicked)

"Inclusivity is so important and I love that they bring communities together through singing."

West End Leading lady (Tina Turner)


By purchasing your seat you agree to the Terms & Conditions*

1 TERM - one fee.
(12 weeks: Sep 25th UNTIL Dec 11th)

£125.40 one off fee

One off payment,
GBP VAT Included where applicable.
Total cost per term £125.40

  • 12 weeks of term. 
  • One off payment of £125.40 
  • Know your term is completely paid for from the start.
  • Transaction Fees included in price 

1 term - three INSTALMENTS

£42.80 per instalment 

Three instalments, paid monthly from sign up,
GBP VAT Included where applicable.
Total cost per term £128.40

  • 12 weeks of term. 
  •  3 monthly payments of £42.80 to spread the total cost of £125.40
  • Convenient option to spread cost of the single term's fee
  • Transaction Fees included in price (per transaction) 

3 terms - PAY MONTHLY

£29.99 per month 

Per Month,
GBP VAT Included where applicable.
1 term = 4 payments

  • Rolling monthly payment. Saving on costs. 
  • Renews automatically for ease. Recommended for members who have attended 2 or more terms. 
  • Cancel any time once you complete payment for the term you are attending. Cannot be stopped mid term unless the full amount has been paid for that term. 
  1. Our Choir fees are available to purchase termly, in full OR in a 3 instalment payment plan. The instalments will be charged as follows: First payment on the day of sign up - then 2 further payments on the same date for 2 consecutive months. There will be no further charge after the 3rd instalment is paid
  2. When you choose the payment plan option all 3 payments are required to be paid irrespective of attendance, or if you decide to leave the term part way through. This is not a pay as you go plan, but a way for you to pay the full term fee more comfortably if needed.  
  3. Our Instalment payment plan and monthly rolling payments are available each term for a limited time, once the payment plan option has been removed from the website you will be required to pay the pro rata fee in full if you wish to join.  
  4. Monthly Rolling payments cannot be stopped mid term unless the full amount of £125.40 has been paid. If you wish to cancel before this is fully paid, you are obliged to pay any outstanding fee.  
  5. Any members who are renewing their Choir membership for a consecutive term will not be eligible for a refund under the 14 day policy or 14 day extended policy. 
  6. ** Even though we believe YOU’LL LOVE IT, we understand that circumstances may mean you change your mind. We offer a 14 Day cooling off period from the day of purchase. Where payments are made in advance before the term starts, we will extend this gesture to include 14 days from the FIRST session of term. Sessions that have been attended, have already occurred after purchase or fall on the date of notification will be charged. 
  7. After this 7 day period has ended, the fees are non refundable and the option to sell your seat to someone else who is not an existing choir member will be offered. We will also consider deferring your place to the next term if your request has been made by the 3rd week of term.  
  8. If your purchase has been made after a drop in session - the 14 days is reflective from your taster session date. 
  9. We are understanding towards people's individual circumstances and will support you as best we can if you are having difficulty with payments. Please always reach out to us if you find you are having any financial difficulty. If after notification or 3 communication attempts the fees continue to go unpaid we have the right to revoke your membership or attempt to take payment on an alternative payment method on file.  
  10. If for any reason you cannot attend a session you will have the opportunity to catch up with these sessions online via your choir's Facebook page - if you know you cannot attend sessions in advance of the term - the full fee is still required.  
  11. Performance opportunities will require you to purchase a Sing Space T-Shirt.  
  12.  Any Government mandated lockdown or restriction of any kind may warrant us to move to online sessions. No refund will be given as sessions will still happen via live streaming.  
  13. In cases where your Choir Leader may be ill - our priority is always to still have the session go ahead and your Choir Leader will provide cover for this session. If they are unable to find suitable cover for the session, time will be given to make up for the session missed. This may mean extended sessions throughout the rest of term or a week added to the end of term. You will not be refunded for this session in the first instance unless an alternative option cannot be given.  
  14. Bank Holidays - for choirs who may be affected by Bank Holidays your Choir leader will decide ahead of term if the session will still go ahead on that day or moved to another day in the week. You will not be compensated if you cannot attend on bank holiday or the alternative day.


The Sing Space musical theatre choirs offer singers at all levels the opportunity to experience the joy of singing original musical theatre arrangements with like-minded musical theatre lovers. No audition needed for the regional choirs.

Led by qualified vocal coaches, you will benefit from expert and well-executed vocal technique instruction and learn how to use and develop your voice safely and effectively.

This is a musical theatre choir - we only sing songs from musical theatre. We are not an amateur dramatic society, so there’s no dancing or costumes.

The Sing Space musical theatre choirs offer performance opportunities throughout the year, ranging from local venues to iconic spaces such as Cadogan Hall in London. There are also opportunities to sing solos and/or in small groups, in a safe and supportive environment.

We recognise that members learn in different ways and come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds. With that in mind, we offer a multi-channel learning experience. You will learn new pieces each week with the guidance of your choir leader and be provided with sheet music to follow. You can support your learning between choir sessions using your vocal guide tracks and/or YouTube lyric/audio guide videos.

We know life can get busy and you won’t always be able to make every choir session. Each session is live-streamed through your choir’s Facebook group for you to watch in real-time or later at your own convenience, so no-one will feel they are falling behind.

Group singing offers mental health and wellbeing benefits, such as reducing stress and supporting social connection. The Sing Space choirs are a supportive and inclusive community.

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